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Our Services

Keep your Lawn in top shape all year round with our Professional Lawn Mowing Service.

No matter what size your lawn, we can accommodate.

We offer our customers a regular lawn mowing service, we come every 2 weeks in the summer months and monthly in winter. All lawn mowing consists of edges cut, grass mowed, and clean hard surfaces with a blower. 

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Our lawn care program varies depending on your property goals. We can scarify, aerate, dethatch or top dress your lawn which is some of the things that will help have your looking looking great all year round. 

Hedging & Pruning

We can hedge and prune all of the plants within your garden to have them looking great all year round, We can include hedging on a regular basis or one off jobs for all plants and hedges within your property. 

Fertilising &
Weed control

We have the experience and knowledge of what fertilisers and weed control products to use on your lawns and gardens. We use commercial products which get the results you need. 


Garden Maintenance

We can maintain and manage your gardens and have them looking fantastic all year round, Whether it is planting new plants, cleaning up weeds, or fixing some of the landscape, we can help you with all of your maintenance needs.

At We Love Lawns & Gardens, we offer an Annual Lawn Spray program that is uniquely tailored to your lawn's needs. Our custom 5-in-1 treatment is timed and applied at strategic stages throughout the year.

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