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Our commercial division know that commercial properties are different to residential.

 They need to be treated, mowed and maintained differently. Our specialist team of operators have years of experience in commercial property, and with that we deliver you a high level result every time. 

Commercial Mowing

​Our experienced commercial mowing crews can cater for all of your mowing needs. Our fleet of commercial equipment ensures that we have the right mower for the right job at all times, as we prioritise the quality of our finished product over everything.​We have the experience and mowers to cater from smaller spaces in and around nursing homes, to bigger mowers for sporting fields and large estate mowing.

Garden & Landscape Maintenance

​A well maintained garden can make your people feel comfortable and impressed as they visit your premises. What does

your gardens say about your business or property currently?

Our garden maintenance teams understand the need to be skilled, experienced and knowledgeable so that your hedges, gardens and plants are always looking well cared for and maintained. 

Weed Management and Control​

Our weed control plans are a key part to any of our commercial maintenance contract. We have experience in what chemicals are required to keep weeds from invading grassed areas, gardens and hard surfaces.


Weed management is such a critical step within the maintenance process, due to the work that is involved to manage weeds if they are not kept at bay. 


Have you ever walked past a large commercial complex and all of the hedges were perfect, the gardens were free of weeds, the edges were perfect, and the grass had just been cut? It makes you feel good, right? When you think about that feeling, you can achieve the same feeling for your customers, the children at your school or the residents in your complex.

That feeling is the essence of what we do - we want to make people feel good, about the surroundings we have created for them. 
Creating different sectors within our business structure, helps our teams be specialists in their field. 
Which of the below categories do you fit into?


Factories & Warehouses - Business premises - Office Complexes

Our commercial maintenance team work with other businesses to ensure their premises are looking great at all times. We believe it is important for your business to be maintained by a professional as it creates a nice environment for customers, the workforce and any visitors. 

All of our commercial customers will receive a detailed maintenance plan that will outline all of the tasks, frequencies and pricing so that it is clear for everyone what is expected.

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Nursing homes - Aged Care - Over 55's complexes

We like to partner with aged care facilities as our experienced teams are the perfect match for the well kept gardens and lawns on site. We have a team that can work on site on a regular basis to ensure your facility is cared for at all time. We also have options of battery-operated equipment which often runs much quieter so that the residents are not disturbed by loud running machinery. 



Council parks and gardens - Sporting fields - Housing estates

We have the experienced staff and equipment to ensure any parks, sporting fields and large estates can be maintained by the We Love Lawns & Gardens team. Where we have had prior success with open space mowing is that we maintain a high standard regardless of the size of the mowing area, which we believe is part of the reason our councils and customers trust using us. 

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Strata Complexes - Body Corporate - Strata Estates

Evolution partners with many strata managers to help with the landscape maintenance needs of the properties they manage. We cater from smaller townhouse estates right through to estate maintenance for our local suburbs. We work hard to provide a reliable, well-communicated, professional service to the residents within these properties so that all they need to do is sit back and enjoy their lovely lawns and gardens. 

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Schools - TAFE - University 

We understand that the management of school grounds can be such a huge tasks for the often very busy school general assistant. Most schools have so much land that needs frequent mowing and alot of plants and gardens that need to be cared for to look neat and tidy. Our experienced staff are covered for working with children checks and our teams can work at times outside of school hours so that children are not distracted by loud machinery as they are trying to learn.

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